Friday, December 08, 2006


Oh you've got to be kidding me. I just wrote a long blog entry and it got pwned by pop-up blocker. :( here goes again.

I found this film to be very interesting on two levels, the first being it's content. It looks at the over production of music and how the fact that there are a few major record companies that control so much. The question they explore is simple: does this prevent musical creativity. Capitalism really exploits the concept that selling something doesn't require quality. I even run into that at church. The consumer (congregation in my case) really drives the message. If there is a significant need in the community, but there aren't many volunteers who are interested in it, the ministry won't start or be sustained. The issue with this is obvious I would hope. We should be establishing what things are right and good. Just because people don't "like" doing it doesn't mean it shouldn't be done. A lot of these concepts are similar to what we discuss when looking at Art vs. Graphic Design. Design is about selling things. Often in order to capitalize on a situation, we are forced to compromise what we think to be right or quality because it doesn't reach the target audience. Logically it makes sense, but it just doesn't feel wise.

The second thing I was interested by was the way they chose to promote the film. Its an exact copy of the strategy used for the "Invisible Children" film. All online promotion with "viewing parties". Makes the view feel like they are part of something underground an important. This film added advertising on XM radio though, which adds to that sense of being exclusive. Yet another touch of the previous paragraph... make the consumer feel something special and you will benefit. Interesting stuff.. to me.

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