Tuesday, October 24, 2006

WoW: Recent Drops

Fatty and I, and on separate occasion have been running Maraudon and Sunken Temple lately. I just wanted to share my drops. Before I continue though, here's some background..

I've never actually enjoyed the game as much as I did even when I got my first toon to 60. It was kinda strange that I wanted to do everything in the game myself or just with close friends, yet I failed to realized that the emphasis of the game revolves around interaction and grouping with other players. Interacting in a *PUG was one of my fears too.

After playing for a year and selling my soul to the game, I quit the game for a little over 2 months and got a refund on my life. Then I started again, and shortly got over my fear of socializing in the World of Warcraft.

*PUG - "Pick up Group" fyi.

Sunken Temple Drops


Razorfen Downs
I liiiike...

MaghanoyMeng/Meng/MaghanoyMeng -
Warriors - 60/53/49 - MS Arms/DW Fury/Protection - Dwarf/Orc/Dwarf - Shatter Hand/Scilla/Thorium Brotherhood - PvP/PvP/RP

To Ryan:

Ryan made a comment in passing last week while we were at Best Buy. I saw World of Warcraft on the shelf and said "best game ever", he replied with something like "whatever, FPS FTW". I then said "oh come on... 7 million people can't be wrong". The then said, "oh ya, everyone buying Britney Spears CDs means its good music". I fell on the floor and yelled "touche" thinking that I had been pwned in the face. Until I realized the truth... to me. When you look at how many people buy music, you could in no way argue that 100% of the people who purchase music have purchased a Britney Spears CD. There are a lot, yes. But not everyone. I would argue that a higher percentage of the world's gaming population plays WoW than the percentage of the music purchasing population has purchased a Britney Spears CD.

The other factor to consider is how many gamers have been created because of WoW. I have heard several stories about how people who have never played video games have started playing WoW. One I heard on "The Instance", a podcast for WoW. There was someone who wrote in and said that he had begun playing the game, and his grandparents (with whom he lives) were wondering why he was always in his room playing "that game". He told them about it, and they eventually decided to give it a go! So now they have family night where they all set up their machines and play. So l33t.

The second story was relayed to me by someone in a PUG (pick up group) I ran mara with this week. One of the group members asked how old everyone was. The responses rolled in "16", "19", "14"... all things you would expect. I told them I felt old because I was 26. Then one of them responded and said "whatever man... my old guild leader was a 50 year old mom!". Sweet!

So, in conclusion, based on nothing but assumptions, I would argue that WoW is in fact better than Britney Spears' music simply because it motivates people to get in to PC gaming who haven't been in the past, whereas Brintney Spears' music motivates music fans to stop listening. I am not saying that everyone needs to play WoW, but I am saying that everyone needs to respect it for what it is doing for the gaming community. Eventually people will branch out to new genres like the FPS because WoW has been the soft introduction to PC gaming.

Some gamers are concerned that it will overtake all other PC games because it demands so much attention and time. I know I have put off trying other games because of it. However, like anything that dominates a market, it forces the competition to get better.


Friday, October 20, 2006

to blog or not to blog

I really hate how much I love blogs. Like, it is a very exciting thing when you set one up. The problem comes when you must invest in it on a semi regular basis. Its kinda like most things in life I guess. They are so great and perfect until you need to work at it. My new car is so great... until I need to take it to the shop. My relationship with so-and-so is perfect... until a fight or tough time. Oh well, so it goes. I guess with 4 of us maintaining this sucker we will be motivated strictly by the fact that our slacking will be noticed. It would be kinda cool if we could get like, 1000 people contributing all to the same blog. That way we would be sure to have something new on a regular basis.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I have begun to move across the internet. Which means I am E-motional.
Boh Bank Bouch Bye.

My testosterone is AFK.

Hello my peeples, /sorry, I was AFK....but for good reason.

I got a new job.

Anyways, last Friday I took the Metrolink to work. 13 bucks a pop, round trip, but without the stress of driving, the danger of crashing, and the fire of road rage. Of course I wasn't the only one who thought the idea of riding the train was genius. By the second day of commuting, I realized that there are regulars that frequent the system. I really enjoying it, like riding in a school bus..but as adults.

I leave my house at 6:45am. Ten minute drive to the Norwalk station and my train leaves at 7:05am. Validate my ticket, find an open seat, which there's usually a lot of. I play Tetris on my DS on level 5, vs. CPU. The trip takes about 35 minutes total. I get to the Irvine station a little passed eight o'clock, then a bus waiting for us takes me a block from where i work. I walk from the bus stop to work which usually takes about 10 minutes. I greet the doorman to our building and take the mail delivery elevator up to the 12th floor. Why do I take the mail room delivery elevator? Well, 4 words - diamond plate steel walls. From top to bottom, those panels go. That my friend, that place, is where my manhood is renewed. Because for the next 8 hours of work, I'll be sitting on my ass, with my nicely groomed fingernails, and soft, supple, and moisturized skin, pushing keys and clicking a mouse. I will not feel the sun on my back, nor see the sweat off my brow. It will not be hot, or cold, because the central cooling system is set at a perfect 72 degrees. My back or wrists will not ache because of the wonders of ergonomic products. Human contact is reduced by almost 50% because e-mail does everything...even your taxes. And as my balls start to shrink, I hope..just hope that UPS or DHL isn't using the mail delivery elevator, so that I may renew my manhood once again in solitude.


Red Steel - disappointing?

The more I read and watch about Red Steel, the more I feel like I'll be disappointed with the final product. When I first heard about it, it sounded like the coolest thing since sliced bread, but the most recent videos I've watched make it seem like it's just an FPS with a difficult control scheme. The sword fights aren't 1-1 movement translation, and in one video the guy wasn't even making full arm movements to make the slashes, he was just flicking his wrist. Gay! What's the point of using motion sensor s to simulate a sword fight if you don't even have to make the motion?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Pomo thrift store

to you.

Not gonna touch my wii for a while...

So I have decided not to pre-order the wii. Don't get me wrong, I am super excited about playing with my wii once I get it. But I think its best to wait. I'm worth it right? I would hate to get something with such new technology that has tons of glitches only to have a new version released later that is better. Though honestly, I have yet to see a Nintendo product that is released before it is top notch. That is the kind of stuff reserved for Sony and Microsoft. Well shoot. I think I might have just convinced myself to buy one. Though the new WoW expansion will probably demand all my time. Baah! What to do. Should I play with my own wii, or can I play with one of yours?

Chaos Shows One's Character

This is probably a better title for the previous post. I'm excited to be "loved on" on Tuesday.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Chaos brings insight

Im freaking slammed at work ATM, and its interesting how you see things more clearly that way sometimes. You can pick up on how people ask for things. Because I'm slammed, everyone pulls out all the stops when it comes to asking me for things... its never "hey, i need this". It starts with "oh hey... how are you? you have been working so hard!". I then say, "what can I do for you", and they sort of stumble, "oh, uh.. well I wasn't coming by for anything in particular, but I do have this one thing". /sigh.

Its funny because they don't want to waste my time. The reality is, but playing their little games and not being direct, they waste oh so much more of it. Oh well, so it goes I guess. Back to the fires.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Oh no he di'int!

Don't even go there, girlfriend.

In other news, I love this shirt that I found on Threadless. But they're all out of my size!

Hold up here...

No posting about our lack of posting just to stop posting. Unbelievable.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Maybe this is my problem...

I haven't played the newest life changing game!


Sorry I haven't been posting... I missed the WoW South Park last night as it started as I was leaving work. I guess you could say I got ganked... or even WTFpwned. Oh well. Hopefully that is a l33t enough justification for my .

Things here are still as great as ever. We need to send the brochure to the printer today... and are just talking about some major changes. I guess I am the only one that realizes it is 2:39 and companies like printers close at 5:00. /sigh.

Still the only one posting


LOST was good last night. As was South Park. It was hilarious hearing the South Park kids use the language Matt and Ian use all the time. "Uber-pwnage" and such.

Monday, October 02, 2006