Friday, October 13, 2006

Chaos brings insight

Im freaking slammed at work ATM, and its interesting how you see things more clearly that way sometimes. You can pick up on how people ask for things. Because I'm slammed, everyone pulls out all the stops when it comes to asking me for things... its never "hey, i need this". It starts with "oh hey... how are you? you have been working so hard!". I then say, "what can I do for you", and they sort of stumble, "oh, uh.. well I wasn't coming by for anything in particular, but I do have this one thing". /sigh.

Its funny because they don't want to waste my time. The reality is, but playing their little games and not being direct, they waste oh so much more of it. Oh well, so it goes I guess. Back to the fires.

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Ryan said...

Ouch. Glad your week is over, B. We will love on you on Tuesday.