Thursday, January 25, 2007


When can you guys come down and experience the wonder that is my place? Next tuesday? Some other day? My place itself is sort of awkward, but we can play the cards over at the graduate lounge, or smoke our pipes, or... you know... stuff.

This is less of a blog than it is a chatroom.


God vs. Drugs

I have a sinus infection. I have missed three days of work over the last week because of it (which isn't normal for me by any stretch). I returned today and found that there were some projects I needed to catch up on. I emailed someone back and apologized for my delay in getting stuff to print and all that, and explained that I had been feeling under the weather. She responded with "may God heal you soon".

My first response was "thanks", but it just didn't feel right. Thinking through it, I began to think through what it is I trust in to heal me. Quite frankly, I know and trust without a shadow of a doubt that God is a healer. Not a priest/shaman/druid in WoW, but a real life healer. I truly believe that he is more than able to heal anyone of anything - including death. Scripture backs that up, and it is a huge part of his ministry.

With my particular condition however, I don't feel that I am "relying" on God to supernaturally heal me. I am relying on the medicine that the doctor prescribed. Even in writing this my perspective has shifted a bit from its original intent. I hate when people make things overly spiritual, and beyond distaste for it, I think its problematic. If a parking spot opens up in front, it isn't a sign from God that you should be at the mall. It's a sign that someone is leaving the mall, thus creating an open parking spot.

I guess more than anything, it raised a question in my mind. If, for example, we are taking medicine, should we still pray for healing? Is it OK to "depend" on medicine? Don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to get all Christian Scientist on ya, I'm just curious as to wear the healthy balance is. Thoughts?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Got a Wii

Amy and I camped out yesterday morning and finally brought our baby home. It's a beautiful new Wii.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Frank and Amy and Justin schooled Matt, Ian and me last night at WoW: TCG. Amy was a priest, Frank was a Rogue, Justin was a Poet-Demi-God, Matt was a Priest, Ian was a Warrior, and I was a Warlock.

Amy and Frank first destroyed Matt, then killed me, then finished off Ian. They also went down with little or no damage to themselves. Amy had like 20 allies out, too.

It was fun. I really want revenge.