Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Frank and Amy and Justin schooled Matt, Ian and me last night at WoW: TCG. Amy was a priest, Frank was a Rogue, Justin was a Poet-Demi-God, Matt was a Priest, Ian was a Warrior, and I was a Warlock.

Amy and Frank first destroyed Matt, then killed me, then finished off Ian. They also went down with little or no damage to themselves. Amy had like 20 allies out, too.

It was fun. I really want revenge.


Justin said...

It was fun. I'm looking forward to when you guys come to my place soon and we can have a rematch.

Ryan said...

Yeah! Justin's pad!

Ryan said...

Hey, I just noticed someone changed my post. Poet-demi-god my foot!

frak said...

\sneak up behind everyone and pwn in face

Did you see that? That just happened! :D