Monday, February 26, 2007

Culture Shock

BBC World Service has a great radio broadcast called Culture Shock that I listen to weekly. I heard today's edition on the way in, and thought y'all would enjoy it as well. They typically talk a lot about creative oriented stuff as it relates to trends globally. In this edition, they talk about product design and how it has become the core of western business. They reference a comment made by a new hire to GM and his announcement that GM is in the "entertainment business". Because of the affluence of the west, the products that were once designed to meed out needs are now designed to satisfy more than that - thus a car no longer being solely for transportation, but instead, a form of entertainment. Too much good stuff to articulate in here, so give it a listen.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

TCG Scorecard

Last night, pwnage belonged to Frank and I. I got good draws, and Frank is a tough guy to beat lately. Matt didn't get his "discard your hand, draw a new hand, then discard that as well" cards, and Ian made a valiant effort with his equipment, but his Warrior always takes about 7 turns to reach 60mph.

We missed Justin, who I think was at a poetry reading. And that's not a joke.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

the power of art

I just heard an interesting program on Fox News. They were chatting with a guy who came back from Iraq, and were asking him questions about how the media portrays what's happening there. He said nothing that he experienced in Iraq caused him as much distress as seeing how the media is presenting the war.

The conversation moved on to two photos that ran in newspapers today (I think the NY Times was one), and they connected the fact that many of the photos being used by major news organizations are from the same guy. The photographer recently graduated from Boston College, and now works for a French news organization. The conversation then moved on to how these photos are helping us shape our perspective of the war, and how it is in conflict with what many soldiers are actually experiencing. Of course the assertion was made that France being anti war, and many of the photos coming from a photographer working in France seemed to be connected.

After hearing this, I was tempted to email the Army and have them send their own team of photographers to shoot things from their perspective so we could have another view of what is happening. It's amazing how powerfully images can be used as propaganda and effectively shape our opinions of the war.

So then, be careful little pens/brushes/cameras what you draw/paint/shoot.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dangly Thing & Onyxia

Mike is coming up to join us tonight to defeat-vanquish Onyxia! I'm looking forward to it. Should be good times.