Wednesday, February 07, 2007

the power of art

I just heard an interesting program on Fox News. They were chatting with a guy who came back from Iraq, and were asking him questions about how the media portrays what's happening there. He said nothing that he experienced in Iraq caused him as much distress as seeing how the media is presenting the war.

The conversation moved on to two photos that ran in newspapers today (I think the NY Times was one), and they connected the fact that many of the photos being used by major news organizations are from the same guy. The photographer recently graduated from Boston College, and now works for a French news organization. The conversation then moved on to how these photos are helping us shape our perspective of the war, and how it is in conflict with what many soldiers are actually experiencing. Of course the assertion was made that France being anti war, and many of the photos coming from a photographer working in France seemed to be connected.

After hearing this, I was tempted to email the Army and have them send their own team of photographers to shoot things from their perspective so we could have another view of what is happening. It's amazing how powerfully images can be used as propaganda and effectively shape our opinions of the war.

So then, be careful little pens/brushes/cameras what you draw/paint/shoot.


frak said...

That is a truth I forget too often. In fact that is the reason I want to work in the entertainment industry. It gets pumped out into the world. I want to be a light and positive influence in a in a very dark industry.

I know my presences in it won't stop Satan's influence or loosen his grip, but something small is better than nothing.

Thanx for pointing that out Matt.

Teddy the Labradoodle said...

I would like to post my political views here on this blog. I want into the clique!

fatty said...

*throws a stuffed duck*
Fetch it boy!

That should keep him busy for a while.