Thursday, October 05, 2006


Sorry I haven't been posting... I missed the WoW South Park last night as it started as I was leaving work. I guess you could say I got ganked... or even WTFpwned. Oh well. Hopefully that is a l33t enough justification for my .

Things here are still as great as ever. We need to send the brochure to the printer today... and are just talking about some major changes. I guess I am the only one that realizes it is 2:39 and companies like printers close at 5:00. /sigh.


Ryan said...

/cry for you.

Hey, if you want to /laugh, go here to download SPWOW -

fatty said...

oh man. they just unblocked youtube at work and I found the show there. SO funny. "that was uber pwnage". lol.