Tuesday, October 24, 2006

WoW: Recent Drops

Fatty and I, and on separate occasion have been running Maraudon and Sunken Temple lately. I just wanted to share my drops. Before I continue though, here's some background..

I've never actually enjoyed the game as much as I did even when I got my first toon to 60. It was kinda strange that I wanted to do everything in the game myself or just with close friends, yet I failed to realized that the emphasis of the game revolves around interaction and grouping with other players. Interacting in a *PUG was one of my fears too.

After playing for a year and selling my soul to the game, I quit the game for a little over 2 months and got a refund on my life. Then I started again, and shortly got over my fear of socializing in the World of Warcraft.

*PUG - "Pick up Group" fyi.

Sunken Temple Drops


Razorfen Downs
I liiiike...

MaghanoyMeng/Meng/MaghanoyMeng -
Warriors - 60/53/49 - MS Arms/DW Fury/Protection - Dwarf/Orc/Dwarf - Shatter Hand/Scilla/Thorium Brotherhood - PvP/PvP/RP


Ryan said...

My recent drops include:

5 rolled tacos w/hot sauce
Hooper's dinner

Both were epic.

fatty said...

lol. touche.

Anonymous said...

yeah, geez, touchy.