Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Urban Christians

This very interesting article was passed along to me by a respected friend of mine at Grace Brethren Church. The article makes some very interesting points about the way contemporary Christians interact (or don't) with the secular culture. One quote that I enjoyed:
So we must neither just denounce the culture nor adopt it. We must sacrificially serve the common good, expecting to be constantly misunderstood and sometimes attacked. We must walk in the steps of the one who laid down his life for his opponents. (-Tim Keller)

I am also going to pick up Two Cities, Two Loves: Christian Responsibility in a Crumbling Culture by Dr. James Montgomery Boise, from which the idea that major cities have the greatest influence on shaping society stems. If that is the case, perhaps a move into the city is in order!

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Teddy the Labradoodle said...

And I was just looking at moving into the rural country.