Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Looks like we are rated PG. Not sure if that is good or bad. I'm sure this might tempt some of you to ramp up the questionable behavior to see how much we can change the grade.


Ian said...

Wanna post our man-band pic?

Ian said...

on second though..

i think that would set off my content barrier on my comp and i may never access this blog again..


Matt said...

lol. That is a great idea!

Brian said...

Mine got an R rating for containing

* pain (6x)
* dead (5x)
* piss (3x)
* death (2x)
* dangerous (1x)

Try posting this quote - maybe it'll get you over the hump:

"Pain is dangerous when you get painfull piss pains - but it doesn't cause death - at least no one I know has died from pissing painful pisses. Piss poop pee. Mitten."

Still confused said...

my blog is rated R. It goes from being rated R to PG-13, depending on the content.