Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'll see your Die Antwoord, and raise you an ICP...

Ian, for you. ICP's latest video.

Be sure to listen carefully to the lyrics. In this song, the lyrics are everything. (Warning: retarded swears)

Also try out this SNL skit.

And then this sketch.

The Juggalo News Network - Watch more Funny Videos

Finally, I challenge you to watch all 42 seconds of this all-girl juggalette mosh pit without tasting bile. (Warning: serious hotties)

All-Girl Juggalo Mosh Pit - Watch more Funny Videos

Your day just got ruined, sucka.


Ian said...

Ryan, the fact that you spent time doing ICP homework and posting it makes me wonder who's day got ruined.

I support your self-pwnage :P

"Magic everywhur in this bitch..."

Matt said...

I don't know how magnets work, and if you try to tell me, imma punch you.

Ryan said...

Ian, you make a good point. But it was worth it to pass it along to you.

Someone predicted that "Magnets: how do they work?" would become a new internet meme, and I predict that his is right.

Ian said...

The magnets line was teh best line fo'sho.